5 work from home tips during the COVID19 outbreak

5 work from home tips during the COVID-19 outbreak

Most of us have been put into a different world altogether due to the recent pandemic. Work from home! With the internet, technology and mobile phones, we have been able to WFH though there are few hiccups.

In the busy lives we had before this unpredictable thing confined us to our homes, we were managing life and job pretty well with the help of our maids, family members, friends, neighbours, daycare, baby sitters and many other people. But complete lockdown for the first time in everyone's life is a hard pill to digest initially. You sit for work with all focus and suddenly the baby cries, food in the pan gets burnt, washing machine makes a beep and we feel the hell breaks loose whenever we try to concentrate on the job. Isn't it?

Office gives us the privilege of concentrating on work alone keeping everything aside. Home is not a place for office work and we always tried hard to keep that boundary clear. Now home is the only place from where we can work and also live. How to juggle both work and life from home?

Stick to a daily schedule:

Going office daily gave us the motivation to get up and be brisk for the day. But since we don't have any such thing now, we may end up being lethargic. Stick to a routine every day by getting up at a particular time and start working at the same time daily to get that needed energy and enthusiasm.

Follow shifts:

Yes. If luckily both the husband and wife are working from home, planning and following a strategy is important. Take shifts in doing household chores and engaging the children. Sharing responsibilities is the key to completing everyone's job without stress.

Don't stretch too much:

Though the office and home environment are completely different and there are add on responsibilities at home, don't give your whole day to office work. Prioritizing is very important and also allowing some time for yourself is necessary too. Again maintaining work-life balance is essential even at home. These are hard times and also a blessing in disguise to be with family.

Communication is the key:

In the office, it is easy to get along and discuss with colleagues about strategies, roles to be played, priorities, corrections, modifications, etc. But now there is a big barrier. So it is important to convey our goals, work plan for the day and every other minute details clearly to every other person as we cannot work in silos.

Remember! This is not a vacation:

Being lazy or postponing will not help. Though these are critical situations, we can't waste time by simply watching movies or playing with kids. Job is a job! Dedication and commitment to your work is essential.

Every one of us has to find our own methods to be productive during WFH. Don't forget to pat yourself as you are doing a wonderful job to your family as well as your organization by your sincerity and work ethics.

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