6 Unthinkable Reasons for Weight Gain

6 Unthinkable Reasons for Weight Gain

There is a sudden jolt when the weighing scale oscillates more towards the right and stops at an unimaginable measurement. You know well that you have a perfect diet and exercise regime and didn't do anything purposefully to gain weight.

The questions of how and why eats up our mind. There could be many medical conditions that could result in weight gain. Let us take a look at the surprising reasons that could make us out of shape or obese.


Stress can make you gain weight. Weird, right? But true. The stress hormone leads to an increase in our appetite and naturally, most of us eat more when we are stressed out or depressed. One has to avoid temptations and instead try meditation or go for a walk to relax the mind.

Lack of sleep:

Are you the night bird watching series or playing games till 2 am and then dozing off just for a few hours? Then you could have gained weight because you didn't have enough sleep. Sleep plays an important role in glucose metabolism and lack of sleep can increase your appetite thereby making you gain weight.

Late-night cravings:

If you belong to the above nocturnal category, you fit in here as well. As you stay awake for a longer time, you simply tend to eat junk foods to fill your stomach. And obviously you gain weight. Control that late-night temptations!


Yes, age can be a factor. As you get older, you tend to gain weight. The metabolism rate decreases with age and as one becomes less active, it could result in weight gain. Don't give up on fitness when you get old.

Quitting smoking:

Believe it or not! Smoking cannot be forgotten in a day and hence withdrawal effects of quitting smoking can lead to stress which in turn can increase your appetite. Consequences of bad habits linger on.

Work out:

Exercise cannot make you put on weight. Is it not? But the day you work out, you tend to eat more thinking you have burnt too many calories.

So don't eat too much after an exercise.

The major medical reasons could be hormonal issues like thyroid, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc. Consuming steroids and other antidepressant drugs could also lead to weight gain. Excess weight can lead to a number of ailments like diabetes and other heart diseases. It is always essential to check your weight regularly and take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy body weight.

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