Ginseng relieves symptoms associated with depression


Ginseng is one of the widely used medicinal herbs for the treatment of various disorders. Ginsenosides, known as ginseng saponins, are the significant components of this herb. Natural dried form is known as white ginseng, and red ginseng is prepared by steaming the fresh root before drying for the key purpose of enhancing its efficacy.

Dietary available forms

Ginseng is available as fresh form, extract powder, and soft gel capsules.

Health benefits

Ginsenosides contribute to multiple effects of this herb on cancer, diabetes, inflammation, stress, immune, cardiovascular system, and nervous system.

1. Cancer

The primary approach to manage cancer includes surgical therapy, radiation, and chemotherapy. Currently, the treatment strategy is shifting from a therapeutic approach to natural chemopreventive agents. People who regularly consume ginseng were found to have a decreased risk of stomach, liver, lung, and colon cancer.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes a major global health problem affects around 3.5% individuals globally. Roots of this herb help manage diabetes. Oral administration of this herb was found to be beneficial for patients with diabetes (type2). It furthermore prevented the development of diabetes in non-diabetic subjects.

3. Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by memory loss and subsequent dementia among the older age group. Ginsenoside, the active ingredient of this herb has shown neuroprotective actions thereby preventing neuron degeneration.

4. Depression

Medicinal formulation containing ginseng is effective in relieving symptoms of depression. This herb effectively suppressed stress a major cause of depression. The antidepressant activity was found to be similar in efficacy to commercially available anti-depressive drugs like Fluoxetine.

5. Stress

This herb effectively regulates the hormonal changes due to stress. It also manages the stress associated with physiological changes such as a migraine headache, bruxism, irritable bowel syndrome, and insomnia. Chronic oral administration of this herb extracts had comparable anti-anxiety activity as diazepam.

6. Fatigue

Millions of people across the globe suffer from chronic illness such as fatigue. Herbal supplements of this plant were found to improve energy, physical and emotional health and well-being of these individuals.

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