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Are you feeling conscious about your smile because of the missing tooth? Is the absence of teeth hampering your nutrition and overall digestion? Are you not able to chew your food properly?

Effects of a missing tooth

A missing tooth causes difficulty in chewing the food, causing a restriction in eating nutritious foods. They cause shrinkage of the jawbone. This leads to sagging of the skin around the jaws and chin making you appear older than your age. The absence of teeth can thus increase your aging process.

The teeth which are present adjacent to the missing space drifts into it leading to the loss of space within the jaw.

All these missing tooth problems can indirectly affect your overall general health of the individual.

But you need not panic! You can now replace the missing tooth using dental implants by consulting the best implantologist through Medeaz

Dental implants are a long term permanent tooth replacement solution to the missing teeth

Dental implants

A dental implant helps you replace not just the crown of the tooth (visible part) but also the root (part of the tooth within the bone). They are a good option for individuals with good general health who has lost teeth due to decay, periodontal disease, and injury.

The material which is generally used for the root is the titanium post which is biocompatible and integrates with the bone. Crown replacement is done with the porcelain material (A material that resembles the natural teeth color and shape)

Types of dental implants

Dental implants are currently available in various sizes, types, and height. The two main types of dental implants include sub periosteal and endosteal implants. These two types of dental implants are considered safe and effective, according to the American Dental Association.

Subperiosteal implants

These dental implants are made out of a metal framework. The framework used for the subperiosteal implant is made of cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, or vitallium. The metal frame is attached under the gum tissue just above the jawbone. The metal framework is placed onto the bone rather than into the bone.

One of the situations that uses a subperiosteal implant is when the individual has lost most of his posterior teeth. Another case is when the patient’s inadequate bone height doesn’t allow endosteal implants.

Endosteal implants

This type of implant is the most commonly used implant. Herewith this type of implant, a single implant can hold two or more prosthetic teeth. Individuals with dentures or bridges are good candidates for endosteal implants.

These implants are coated with a synthetic substitute for bone. This is hydroxyapatite which comprises 98% of natural bone.

Procedure for dental implants

The method for placement of dental implants is a very technique sensitive procedure. Here surgical posts or frames are placed into the jawbone. For this process, the jawbone is drilled after administration of the anesthetic and the implant is placed either over or inside the jawbone and an artificial tooth (crown) is placed on the extension of the dental implant.

Care of implants

These implants closely resemble the natural tooth. You can brush and floss around the implant, just like you would do it for the natural tooth. With timely and regular dental checkups, these implants are bound to last for a lifetime.

Are Dental implants safe?

Placement of dental implants depends a lot on the skill and expertise of the dentist. Through Medeaz, you can now consult the best implantologist for dental implant treatment, thus delivering the highest success rate of more than 98%.

Since implants do not depend on neighboring teeth for the support, they are a more tooth-saving procedure.

Cost of dental implants

Is the cost of dental implants making you feel worried? You can now avail discounts on procedures by consulting the best implantologist through Medeaz.

To know more about dental implants, you can now book an appointment with the best implantologist through Medeaz.

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