Mango A Feast For Your Tongue And Healthy For Your Body

Mango, the king of fruits has been part of Indian cuisine for many centuries. It is not only delicious, but also provides many health benefits. Its antioxidant property protects from cancer. Mango is rich in Vitamin A which helps the body in fighting infections. 

Summers are not complete without mangoes. There are plenty of ways to enjoy mango right from mango milkshakes, pickles, falooda, halwa, muffins, ice creams, pudding, lassi, chutney and many more.

Mangoes are good for your skin and hair too. They also protect eyes from macular degeneration. Potassium in mangoes keeps your heart healthy. There are hundreds of varieties of mangoes in India. Try the Alphonso or Chaunsa variety and I bet you will become euphoric!

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